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MJH ICD10 Article from back in the day

You can see my original article here.  Feel free to read past my challenging sense of ICD10 humor :)

Since the article's release we have developed many of our own ICD10 tools and several other websites have released decent translators.  Just keep in mind there are additional fields you can use in Medicare's GEM files that most sites just don't implement correctly.

ICD 10 Gem Flags
Flag Name Details Example
Approximate IF 1 indicates translation is not precise.  Needs additional review of records.  Hint if it is 0 it indicates a precise match. ICD 9 code 0031 translates direclty to ICD10 code A021
NoMap If 1, indicates no mapt to ICD10 exists (mostly due to ICD9 diagnosis codes that describe a procedure) ICD9 36570 has no map to ICD10
Combination Listed as 1 when more than one code is needed on the ICD10 side to fully represent the ICD9 code selected ICD 9 code 115.11 translates to B39.5 AND G02
Choice List When multiple ICD10 codes are relevant you will typically pick 1 code from each choice list number. The above combination examle has B395 listed as choice list 1 adn G02 listed as choice list 2.


I have attached the origianl spreadsheet I created for this article.  Keep in mind it is ORIGINAL...these codes change all the time and I don't have the time to keep a spreadsheet up to date.  We do however, keep our GoRev platform 100% current.   


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