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Globonics can implement most business intelligence systems within 2 weeks of contract execution.  Keep in mind, our business intelligence and custom reporting software is included at no additional charge within our Revenue Cycle agreements.   At a ten thousand foot view our implementation is as follows:

  • Obtain access to your systems backend (the SQL, Cache, MySQL, DB2, or really any other database system as long as your vendor doesn't have you locked out of it...if they do why are you still with them?).   We typically can do this without the assistance of your actual software vendor however, it is always best to have their support during the process.
  • We have years of data mining and database development experience.  Once access is obtained our database developers will map all of your data and extract it into our normalized SQL databases.  This usually takes one week.
  • Once your data is normalized and in our SQL databases, 80% of our healthcare business intelligence and custom reports will work out of the box.  The remaining 20% will need to be tweaked to your specialties.  This usually takes one week
  • We provide access to this software via our GoRev platform.  This software can be run on Windows 7, 8.1, or 10.  It does not require a VPN to operate as it communicates securely over via port 443.


Below are just some of the standard Business Intelligence systems and custom reports we currently have working.  

  • BI: Grades System - Each foundational section of your revenue is assigned a grade as shown below.  Please note we have only shown 6 sections.  We have developed more and will analyze which ones are most important to implement at first.  One thing we have found with big data, is that most people just can't handle too much of it.  If you give them 30 grades showing all F's to begin - with you will not be successful.  Show them 6, let them master them, show them 6 more, and repeat.  (It is called six sigma right ;) )
  • How the below grades work:  
  1. Coding Days is calculated based on the number of days it takes your coding process to be completed.  Best practice is 48 hours.  For each day your coding team's lag time goes beyond 2 days we deduct 20% from the grade.
  2. Days in AR- We set a goal of X days for each day over X days we deduct 2%.  We prefer to use the rolling 90 day formula to calculate actual days in AR, as it acounts for volume fluctuations more accurately than the annual method.
  3. Outstanding statments will give you an instant picture of how many patient statements are waiting to be released.  At the hospital system below, 100% of patient statements are QA'd by a human before release.  Thus, this grade was born.
  4. 10 day followup is used to measure followup efficiency on the top 100 accounts by charge amount.  If 74 of the top 100 have had followup actions in the past 10 days the grade would be 74%.
  5. 30 day works the same exact way, except the 10 day metric is changed to 30.
  6. Unsubmitted secondary claims tracks just that.  If your system is not capable of generating electronic secondary claims, requiring the need for human review - them you need a grade to watch progress.


BI: Dashboards - Our dashboarding system can trend anything from CMI (case mix index) to actual cash that each of your physicians brings you by month.  Below is a report we call Historical Insurance Summary.  This trended data groups your payments, adjustments and charges by the month of the date of service (not entry date).  This allows you see a better picture of how each month is performing for you.

Features: Each legend item is clickable to show just that line and rescale data points.  Each data point is clickable to show drill down data (actual individual patient accouts) that makes up the point.  You can view just one active facility or merge multiple facilities together.  For example, if you have one main campus hospital and 8 HOPDs you could show just the main campus first, then merge in all 8 HOPDs and show the entire enterprise.   Want to just compare your ASCs or just your cardio physician groups?  It is just a couple clicks.


Below are other business intelligence models we can demo for you upon request:

We can even integrate to your phone system to help you understand your incoming patient call flow and volume!


Once we have your data normalized, you will have access to all of our standard reports out of the box. Creating new custom reports takes us only 1 to 2 hours.  Our reporting system is cloud based.  What does this mean?   When you click on a report to run it your computer isn't actually doing the work.  The command is sent to our extremely powerful data center servers who then process your request and send data back to our GoRev client for you to view, manipulate, and export into various formats.

Reports can merge in multiple units just like dashboards.  Want to look at your case mix insurance (percentage of cases each carrier makes up of our entire population) for just your physical therapy HOPDs?  It's just a couple of clicks away!

Want to schedule a report to be deliverd to your email each day at a specified time?  Again, just a couple clicks.

Below shows a single section of reports.  We have hundreds developed and can demo for you upon request.  The web just simply can't do it justice.

Request a demo today.  

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