'For there is nothing lost, that may be found, if sought."

We have encountered many opportunity riddled revenue cycle operations over the past decade.  If you have found yourself locked into a outsource revenue cycle agreement and are unhappy with performance we can help you with one of the following services:

  1. Globonics Revenue Recovery Management
    • We will operate as a second revenue cycle partner for you by allowing you to place accounts with us after your primary revenue cycle environment has done their job.  We have created several key systems that allow us to quickly identify opportunities your primary revenue cycle partner may have missed including:
      • Missed charge capture (device dependent procedures with no device charged, radiology exams indicating contrast was used with no contrast charged, etc)
      • Missed comorbidities on your inpatient cases
      • Child CPT codes charged when no parent CPT is present
      • and much more
    • Implementation can happen quickly after we get access to your data
      • Step 1 for us is to extract data from your software.   We have extracted data from dozens of healthcare systems.  If you are one of these systems, we have already developed a process for this step will take as little as 2 days.
      • Step 2 for us is to obtain access to your credentialing information and setup clearing house enrollments.  This step takes 7-21 days dependent upon payer processing times.
      • Step 3 we train your staff on our GoRev platform.  We will need your team to help respond to a small subset of issues (For example, if we need an implant invoice).
      • Step 4 we release your corrected claims and mail appeals
      • Step 5 we post all the money you would likely have never received
  2. Globonics Full Insourcing Consulting - We will help you from start to finish by:
    • Identify, Interview, and assist with hiring process (billers, coders, and call center representatives)
    • Forecast and suggest appropriate staffing levels
    • Identify, procure, and implement all necessary systems (including helping you properly setup existing systems)
    • Attend and initially direct weekly revenue cycle meetings
    • Implement GoRev business intelligence and reporting system to give you the transparency necessary to successfully run a revenue cycle
    • Provide you with a dedicated GoRev call-in number and support email to submit any requests for assistance

Please submit an inquriy today and we will setup a meeting to discuss your situation in greater detail.

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