Globonics Services

Knowing your business and where it stands at any given moment is essential to maximizing profits and insuring the ultimate in patient care. Globonics understands this as one of the core competencies for all successful business to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Having access to key data metrics allows you to make informed decisions, and more importantly, the right decisions to grow your business. 

Globonics offers a full suite of Healthcare Business Intelligence tools and reports to keep you out in front with essential data that shapes your day to day decisions.

Globonics Revenue Cycle Management offers a complete solution, from beginning to end. Our proprietary GoRev software system was developed in-house from the ground up and utilizes thousands of rules to ensure every claim goes out with the highest possibility of adjuciating the first time it is submitted. We utilize it exclusively to manage hospitals, ASC, free-standing emergency rooms, and physician practices.

We have encountered many opportunity riddled revenue cycle operations over the past decade.  If you have found yourself locked into a outsource revenue cycle agreement and are unhappy with performance, we can help you with one of the following services:

  • Globonics Revenue Recovery Management
  • Globonics Full Insourcing Consulting

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