Healthcare RCM perfected with technology

We have helped our clients collect over a half billion dollars in healthcare receivables throughout the US.

Globonics is a completely virtual company with full time employees working throughout the United States. We only employ the highest caliber people and then strive to take care of them by providing free health insurance, industry leading compensation packages, frequent bonus programs, flexible schedules, and so much more.  Because to us, a happy staff makes for a happy revenue cycle!

Our automation processes allow our revenue cycle experts to focus on what truly needs a human touch. Things like invalid member ID's can and should be solved by a computer.

Request a web demo today and we will show you live examples of all of our technology or visit to learn more about our proprietary GoRev system.

Healthcare Business Intelligence

We have developed a standard SQL data layout to which nearly all hospital systems on the market can interface to. Over 200 custom reports will be available immediately after importing your data. We even have custom reports by specialty. We support many states' regulatory reporting formats as well.

Revenue Cycle Management

We exclusively utilize the proprietary GoRev system developed from the ground up. With this, we are able to manage Hospital, ASC, FSED, and Physician revenue cycles. Have your own RCM company? Visit to license GoRev for your own use.

Revenue Recovery Management

Just want to test our services? Hire us to audit your existing revenue cycle. We can be engaged at any time after your RCM has had at least 90 days to do their job. In most engagements we collect on claims up to a year old and sometimes even older. Only want to place a handful of claims with us? We can do that too. Contact us today!

Cash Collected by Globonics since 2015